Did Tefi and Jason break up and what happened to the influencer couple?

Yasmine Leung October 27, 2021

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Tefi Pessoa has begged Twitter for privacy regarding her split with Jason Sobe, but what happened to the pair and when did they break up?

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Unfortunately for public figures, private lives never stay under the radar, so they must be prepared to block out the negative comments.

It’s especially hard when celebs put their love lives on social media, and for Tefi, the constant reminders are taking a toll.

The influencer, real name Estefania Pessoa, sent out a tweet pleading fans to stop sending her screenshots related to her ex-fiancé Jason Sobe. Obviously she knows how everything went down, which is why she doesn’t want others to tell her again.

This tweet comes as a surprise to some fans who didn’t know they split, but it’s been a rumour since September.

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Please stop sending me screenshots, I promise I already know everything and that’s why I ended my relationship. Good luck and God bless

— HELLOTEFI 🥭 (@hellotefi) October 27, 2021

When did Tefi and Jason split?

A quick investigation into twitter reveals that the 31-year-old split with her agent and entrepreneur fiancé around 20 September 2021.

Fans spotted that their social media’s were emptied of couple photos, prompting them to DM her about their relationship status.

In September, she shared:

“He f***** me over and I am crushed. That’s what happened. But I am begging you to please stop flooding all my dm’s. I would have never been so public with my relationship had I seen this coming. If y’all want him so bad u can have him. I am not ok.

I do not regret a single moment of my relationship and no one on this earth could ever make me change the way I love people or not believe in love. But if you are in a situation you wouldn’t want your best friend, sibling or child in, leave. I love you & i’ll see u soon.”

A month later, Pessoa is still getting questioned about her personal life.

The reason for their split remains a mystery, and since they were set to marry soon, it’s all the more devastating.

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i am trying so hard to be graceful about this, this is the worst heartbreak of my life, please stop dm’ing me and my ex asking what happened. i am literally begging you. i have muted every word related to all of this possible & somehow I still get hundreds a day

— HELLOTEFI 🥭 (@hellotefi) September 20, 2021

When were they going to marry?

According to wedding planning site The Knot, the couple had a honeymoon fund that welcomed gift donations.

Dated 21 November 2021, they were planning to go to Brazil, so we can assume that they were going to wed beginning to mid November – her tweet from 30 October 2020 announcing Jason would be taking her last name confirms it.

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